When kids and spouses leave dirty dishes on the counter or piling up in the sink, trash is teetering over the top of the garbage can, and you can make snow-angels in the mounds of toys littered all over the floor, it’s time to get the family on board with cleaning.

Perhaps you’ve already tried asking nicely, begging, and then finally blowing your top and yelling. You’re not alone, but the good news is you don’t have to resort to any of that anymore, nor do you have to keep being the only one in the family that tends to the house. These 10 real tips will help you to motivate every member of your household to do their share of cleanup chores.

✋ Stop picking up after everyone

Do you go behind your kids picking up the mess of clutter they leave leading from the front door to their rooms? If so, break yourself of this habit. Your kids will have no reason to pick things up themselves if you’re doing it for them. Yes, the mess may bother you but you’re only teaching them to indulge in laziness and be messy. All they learn is that someone else will do it.

🛏 Ditto for your kids’ bedrooms

While little kids will certainly need some assistance in cleaning their rooms, once your children are in elementary school, they should be making their own beds. There’s no excuse for teenagers not making their beds unless they’re sick in bed laying in them. Your older children may gripe initially, but you’re teaching them a valuable life skill that they will eventually appreciate.

⛔️ Enter a no-cleaning zone

This is going to sound counterproductive, but stop cleaning for a day or two. It may drive you slightly mad, but you’ll get your point across. When your tween or teenage daughter discovers her favorite jeans are still in the dirty laundry basket, your spouse can’t find his loafers, and everyone in the house realizes that you are the sole reason they have clean and organized things, they will pay attention.

The key is to give them a little nudge in the right direction where they appreciate you and want to do better. The next few tips will help you discover how to get them involved, all without yelling until you’re hoarse

📝 Simplify the process by assigning chores

Have a family meeting and set tasks for everyone to complete daily and weekly. By delegating the authority and clarifying it, each member of the family will know what’s expected of them. Even small children can help but don’t expect them to do the kind of chores their older siblings can handle. When everyone has something they can accomplish and contribute to the cause of a clean house, they will all have a sense of pride.

🙏 Be sure to praise and thank them

Praising is especially important for younger children, but your older kids will also appreciate the acknowledgement. Even teenagers that hid behind their angst and music seek your approval so be sure to give it to them. It will encourage repeat performances that you won’t even have to ask for.

🧭 Lead the way

Always remember to walk the walk. If you leave your things all about the house, you’re setting the same standard for your children. Pick up and put away your things each time and your kids will build this habit. You should also try to make a chore time when everyone participates in the cleaning at once. It makes it a group effort and the house will feel cleaner faster.

🚁 Try not to interfere

Perhaps this is the most difficult one of all, but once you have delegated those chores, try not to hover over your children as they do them. If you tasked your 5-year-old with the dusting, don’t correct them at every turn. They might miss some spots but they will get better at it and soon they’ll be taking on other chores too.

🧹 Show them how to upkeep

No one ever wants to spend an entire Saturday scrubbing the house. Instead of spending hours every weekend, show your family the art of taking on tasks throughout the week. That way when the weekend arrives, you’ll only have a few things to tidy up and can enjoy something fun.

🥇 Find ways to make cleaning fun

Speaking of fun, cleaning doesn’t need to be torture! Put on some music and find your groove. Cleaning can even become a game when you do things right and then you’ll never have to worry about your family members shirking their chore responsibilities. Challenge your spouse and kids to see who can win your cleaning games and enjoy a cleaner house.

📱 Use technology

Better yet, you can grab an app that will help you take command of cleaning and make it fun all in one. Sweepy makes cleaning a game for everyone in the family. You can set a daily cleaning schedule so everyone can stay on task and reap the rewards together.

Without all that begging, pleading, and screaming, you’ll be less stressed. And by organizing cleaning tasks through Sweepy, your home will be less messed too. Use that extra motivation to get what you want out of life…a cleaner house, more peace of mind, and more unity in your family unit.