Having lots of clothes can make organizing the wardrobe a real hassle. Putting on clothes is an essential part of every person’s day. By having a clean wardrobe will help getting ready be a much simpler process in the morning. Dedicate certain areas of the closet or dresser to specific items. These are ten tips for organizing your wardrobe that will make getting dressed so much easier.

Organize by Category

One of the easiest ways to organize a wardrobe is to separate the clothes by category. Put tops, dresses, and pants in their own sections. Take a step further by organizing the clothes by color, too. Get creative with this task! Color code them in a rainbow fashion, or in some way that fits your personality. Organizing your wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to lose your individuality.

Declutter Once a Year

At least once a year take the time to declutter your wardrobe. If you didn’t wear an article of clothing that year, donate it. Some thrift stores even offer money for the items you don’t want. Sell them for a profit, and then you use that money for another shopping spree. Getting rid of clothes means you can replace them with more.If your wardrobe grows quickly, declutter sooner-- maybe even once every five or six months. As long as you continuously rid your closet of the items you don’t wear, there will always be space for more.

Store your clothes in a Unique Fashion

There are various storage bins that can be used in the wardrobe. Find those that suit your needs, and use them how you wish. You can use hanging racks, shelfs, bins, and so much more. These kinds of storage units will help organize the wardrobe in a way that’s unique to every person. There are a number of great storage products to be found online, and in all kinds of stores.

Use Coordinating Hangers

Use different colored hangers for different outfits. Use purple hangers for formal wear or blue hangers for casual wear. This will make choosing an outfit a simple process. There’s no hassle of tossing around clothes to find a specific item you’re looking for. These colored hangers can also match the categories in which you’ve used to organize your closet.

Separate Your Delicates

Make sure to separate your delicates when organizing your wardrobe. Use storage bins, or hanging organizers. This will help getting dressed in the morning be much simpler. This will help maintain order when getting ready. Be sure to separate them from each other, too. There’s nothing more aggravating than sorting through tights and underwear to find a pair of socks. Make sure to separate your pajamas and comfortable clothes, too.

Store Seasonal Clothing

Make space in your wardrobe by stashing away clothes each season. You don’t need a big fur coat and mittens in the summer months, so don’t put them in your wardrobe. Keep it in a separate bin with other winter clothes, and stash them in a closet or a basement in the home. When the weather starts to change, you can switch out your wardrobe accordingly.

Always Have Hangers

It seems that, no matter how many hangers one has, they always go missing. There never seem to be enough. Get ahead of this situation by having extra hangers. This is especially important if you decide to use coordinating hangers. The extra hangers can be stashed in a separate closet or drawer until you need them. If you buy more clothes, make sure to buy more hangers, or declutter your closet again.

Have a Space for Accessories

Hats and scarves and bags, oh my! These are the items that make an outfit fully come together. Put these items in their own area so it’s easier to look, and choose one or two to pair with an outfit. Get a coat rack or hanging rack to keep these items in your eyesight when choosing an outfit.

Your Shoes should be in your Eyeline

Shoes are the essential clothing item because you need them to go anywhere. It’s tempting to stash them in the back of the closet(especially if you have many of them) but that’s a mistake. Shoes should be in the eyeline of their owner. Get a hanging shoe rack or shelves to stash them on the ground.

Revamp Once a Month

Each person’s wardrobe is always changing. With each trip to the mall, a wardrobe becomes more cluttered and full. Once a month, take some time to re-organize and revamp your wardrobe. With Sweepy you can set a frequency for your cleaning task, so you'll know when it's time to declutter your wardrobe.

These ten tips are great for helping organize every person’s wardrobe. They make finding clothes simpler and it’s a much more straight-forward process. Life can get stressful, but choosing an outfit and getting ready should not be part of that stress.