Cleaning can be very overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Every little bit helps though, and with these 5 cleaning tips, you’ll have a clean and organized home with the smallest effort on your part!

1. Put on some music that moves you

Pick out your favorite songs and crank them up. Music makes cleaning more fun and while you’re scrubbing the tub, you’ll find the time passes more quickly while you sing along.

2. Delegate to the family

Hey, they live there too! Even the littlest members of your family can help out with the chores. If possible, give everyone a room to tackle or work together on one big room to handle all the cleaning tasks at once.

3. Take on the toughest spot first

Whether you hate cleaning toilets or the oven requires a thorough cleaning, focus on the most difficult task first. After that, everything else will be easy plus you’ll feel like you’ve conquered the worst of it which will fuel the rest of your cleaning efforts.

4. Pick up clutter

Your living room might not be dirty in the sense that dust and cobwebs have settled in, however, anything that’s out of place can make it look unkempt. When you take a moment to snatch up errant toys, shoes, and cups, it instantly makes that space look cleaner. Plus, it now makes it easier for you to vacuum, mop, and dust.

5. Do a 10-minute cleanup daily

If you regularly find yourself wishing you had your weekends free to do something other than cleaning, then clean for 10 minutes every day instead. You’ll first have to do a big cleaning and then keep it up with these 10-minute daily maintenance cleanings. Not only will your home always look clean but you’ll also spend less time overall on cleaning when you manage the task in smaller moves.

A great way to keep organized with this is an app called Sweepy. It makes a daily cleaning schedule and turns it into a game for you and your family. Everyone will know what their responsibilities are when it comes to chores and have fun doing them while your house stays clean.

Spring is one of the best times to get cleaning so use these tips to freshen up your home. Nothing feels better than relaxing in a clean home. Plus, once you finish chores, the whole family can choose another activity to do together as a reward for all that hard work.