If you constantly feel like everything you clean winds up messy moments later, it’s time to involve the family. Even the littlest of children want to be helpful and feel needed. While you certainly can’t have your 3-year-old scrubbing the toilets, there are plenty of other things he can do to pitch in.

Younger and older kids alike learn responsibility from doing chores which serves them well as they grow into adults. It’s a great way to turn your family into a team and for everyone to take pride in a job well done.

Not sure which chores are appropriate for your children? Here are suggestions by age group to help build a strong work ethic while keeping your home clean!

Ages 2 to 3

Little ones will feel so accomplished when they help out around the house. Each day, they should be responsible for putting toys away, putting dirty clothes into the laundry basket, dusting, and wiping up spills. If you have a pet, you can let them be in charge of feeding it too.

Ages 4 to 5

In addition to the previous chores, children in this age group should make their beds every morning, water plants, and wipe down the table. They can also put silverware away from the dishwasher though be sure to keep anything other than butter knives out of reach.

Ages 6 to 7

Children that are 6 or 7 years of age are more than capable of sorting laundry and putting it away. They can also sweep the floors, set and clear the table, and help tend the yard. At this age, you should expect them to keep on top of their room so it always looks neat and tidy.

Ages 8 to 9

As your children grow, they can do the more challenging chores. They should be able to load the dishwasher as well as empty it, vacuum, and mop.

Ages 10 and older

Hopefully, you’ve engaged your children in chores since they were little. By this age, they need to be on top of cleaning the bathroom, using the washing machine to do their own laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and washing the car.  

Wondering how to get kids to want to participate and keep up with chores? There’s an app called Sweepy that turns cleaning into a game for the whole family. With a daily cleaning schedule, everyone knows what they need to do to keep up with the cleaning and win.

When the chores are all done, everyone has more time for fun. Teaching your kids to do their chores will mean a cleaner house with less time spent cleaning so you can enjoy being together.