Reasons why you should keep your place clean

👩🏻‍💻 Less Clutter => More Productive Work

The less clutter you have, the more productive you’ll be. Clutter causes a major distraction when working from home. It also makes working difficult and dampens one’s mood. Stay happy and productive with a clean desk. This will lighten your overall perspective on work, and help you get things done more efficiently.

🎯 Find What You Need Faster

You should not have to dig through piles of paper to find a pen or paperclip. A well-organized desk will make working from home easy. By sorting papers into shelves catered to them, work will become so much simpler. There are many ways to organize a desk to prepare yourself for the work you endure. Being able to find what you need quickly will boost productivity at work.

✨ A Clean Space Inspires Good Work

Being clean will better prepare you for actual work. Having a clean space will encourage you to get more work done. If you feel good about the space you’re working, you’ll feel good about the work you’re doing. Your confidence will help you produce top-tier work that will impress the boss.

How to Keep Your Space Clean

🗑 Use a Paper Clutter Bin

Make sure you have a trash bin at your desk. This desk is not to be used as a regular trash can, but rather as a work one. You should keep this bin close to your desk so you are always able to throw away unneeded papers or broken pencils. A trash bin is essential in keeping a clean and pristine desk.

📚 Keep the essentials on your desk

If there are products you frequently use, keep them on the top of the desk. Stationery items like pens and scissors should only be an arm’s length away. The same could be said of staplers and sticky notes. If your desk has shelves, make use of them by keeping these products close to you. This will help you stay on task so you don’t have to go searching for these items. Try to limit decorative items, too, so there is more space for your must-need items.

🗄 Use your Desk Drawers and Organizers

Make use of your desk drawers with organization systems. Get file organizers or desk boxes. There are many items that will fit perfectly in desk drawers that help organize. Find the product that works best for you and fits your aesthetic. Get creative with it, too. These filing systems give you an opportunity to express yourself at work.

🎧 Hide Your Wires

Use an extension cord or a cyber power outlet to make space for all your chords. Between your computer charger, computer headsets, phone charger, and printer, there will always be many chords at your desk. Move them out of the way. Keep them in a tidy space so they don’t interfere with the work you are doing. Cord organizers can be found online to keep chords bunched, organized, and away from the work.

💻 Dust your Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard Regularly

You should clean your computer space and desk every day. Dust off excess dirt and gunk from your computer and monitor. Crumbs can not only cause distractions, they can also harm your computer. This would impair and affect your work, so make certain you always clean these items. There are many wipes and products that were made specifically for cleaning your computer products. Doing this will only take a few minutes a day, yet it will make all the difference in the workspace.

⏰ Create a Desk Declutter Ritual

Take an additional three minute--not to be associated with dusting your computer-- to declutter your desk every day. Get rid of any unnecessary trash or build up. Clear unwanted items and papers. Choose one set time during the day to do this. Perhaps you can do your declutter ritual after work, so as to clean your lunch mess. You can also choose to do this ritual later in the day to give yourself a break from work. With Sweepy you can set a notification to remind you about your declutter ritual. Whenever you do it, make sure it’s always done so your desk stays clean.

Working is already an overbearing aspect of the day, and doing it from home makes it some much harder. Save yourself some time and stress by creating a workspace you’re proud of. This will make working remotely so much easier, and it will alleviate some of your worries when you head back to the office. By simply decluttering, organizing, and dusting every once in a while, you can make your home office feel fresh and inviting. Work is stressful enough as is, but if you can help it, your office should not contribute to your stress. If anything, it should prevent it.